Selling Houses Or Managing Properties: Which Is Better?

There is often a great debate over whether or not managing properties, or flipping houses, is going to be more profitable. Many people have an extensive portfolio of homes where they are collecting rent on a monthly basis. In doing so, allows them to collect a hefty profit every year. On the other hand, you could purchase homes that need to be fixed up and flip them for a profit. It is possible to take in a substantial amount for doing that as well. Let’s take a look at which one of these real estate strategies will be more profitable based upon the effort that you will put into either of these business models.

How To Profit From Selling Houses

A line of credit is required first of all, to purchase what are called fixer-upper homes. You can do the same with commercial buildings. Additionally, you may have outstanding confidence, and gainful employment, which will allow you to take out loans to purchase homes and also have enough money to fix them up. In most cases, you can make a minimum of $10,000 for your efforts. If you purchase commercial properties, it is not inconceivable that you could generate $100,000 or more. The drawback to this particular business model is that it may take you some time to not only renovate but to sell the home, depending upon the current state of the market.

How To Profit When Managing Properties

If you decide to start purchasing single-family homes that you can rent out, you will again need a line of credit or a bank that will lend you the money. Whether you are purchasing a house for a single-family, or if you will get an apartment complex or commercial office building, you will need to be approved for the financing. The money that you make, once you have your renters in place, will come from the rent that you will collect. You can also use property management companies that will do this for you, making this a business that will just run on autopilot. All you have to be concerned with is finding potential renters that will pay their rent without incident.

Which One Of These Real Estate Strategies Is More Profitable?

The profitability of each one of the strategies will depend on independent factors related to each one. For example, if you are purchasing a fixer-upper home to flip for a profit, to be successful, it needs to be in the right neighborhood. Additionally, the state of the real estate market should be on an upward swing. Some refer to this as a buyers market. If that is the case, if you can purchase these homes and buildings, and also hire people to renovate them for you, you could make hundreds of thousands of dollars from this real estate strategy. However, if you can purchase multiple homes, apartment complexes, and office buildings, you could make far more from the rent that you will receive. Although you could create tens of thousands of dollars by flipping properties, rental properties are going to pay you every month for many years after only doing one transaction.


In conclusion, if you like to earn money quickly through real estate, buying and selling homes would be most ideal. However, if you are looking at earning continuous long-term profits, you would be better off managing properties. Either one of these can be extremely profitable, and it is recommended that you consider both options. It just depends on how much money you need to make, and how soon you need it when choosing either of the strategies to start making money with real estate.

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